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Verma Spine always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 115 reviews with an average rating of 4.94 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Verma Spine below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/12/20
After suffering for two years with pain from a botched surgery, I was incredibly lucky to find Dr. Verma. He was able to come up with a revision that corrected the previous surgery and allowed me to stand straight and be free of pain. He explained in detail, patiently answered my questions, did not downplay the risks, and followed up with personal phone calls. He was truly concerned that my surgery and recovery went well. He is incredibly talented and a genuinely nice guy.Thank you Dr. Verma!
Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/12/20
Dr. Verma handled my very complex spine surgery requiring a resection of bone to correct my alignment. He explained the entire process to me and my recovery was as expected. I can finally stand up straight. He changed my life and was invested in the process with me the entire time. He is passionate about scoliosis for children and adults. He also does volunteer surgery abroad on children.
Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/12/20
You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to stand upright and walk without a walker or cane. At the age of 76 (Feb. '17) I was fortunate to have Dr. Verma re-do my spine at UWMC. I recommend him for spinal correction surgery. He is a miracle worker and allowed me to get a life again. He cares about his patients, listens, and works out personal solutions for spinal problems. YES, YES, YES...get that surgery. You won't be sorry. Dr. Verma may tell you to call Lana. Call and I'll share my story.
Kelly D.
Submitted 06/12/20
I had back pain for 20+ years and had to see numerous doctors and no body was able to help. After fracturing my back and being referred to dr Verma, he did a spinal fusion on my back and now I feel great. he is the best and a very caring doctor 10/10 would recommend.
Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/12/20
Dr Kushgara Verma was very thorough in his assessment of my physical complaint. He compared old MRI data to the current scans. Dr Verma spent quite a while explaining the test results at several appointments and then the options to resolve the problem. I felt very at ease knowing he was doing my surgery. After surgery Dr Verma was wonderfully attentive, calling to get frequent updates and visiting 2-3 times each day. Once home he called my husband to keep abreast of my status. I trust his judgement and his ethics of his practice. His kindness was very appreciated. His office, Beach Orthopaedics in Los Alamitos, was very efficient with information and paperwork. Staff is friendly and helpful. While surgery is never “fun” my experience as a surgical patient of Dr Verma was fabulous and I trust him implicitly.
Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/12/20
There are many who profess to help you with back problems promoting non-invasive wonders, healing therapies and pain reducing aids --- but none can take the place of a Physician that KNOWS what he or she are doing. I have been blessed with finding such a Physician in Dr. Kushagra Verma. Dr. Verma has me walking again without pain and giving me the ability to truly enjoy life at 66 years old, and not be plagued with the mobility problems that attack so many my age. With an impressive background of achievement and most importantly, the experience of knowing what works, Dr. Verma helped correct severe spinal stenosis that could have paralyzed me and the potential scoliosis that would have made walking a chore, truly making me FEEL “old”. In short, I have a new lease on life thanks to him,...[and the complete surgical team at Long Beach Memorial Hospital]...that worked well with my insurance in meeting my every need. I can readily say that if you have a back problem, your first call should be to Dr. Verma.
Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/12/20
Dr. Verma is a great surgeon, and maybe even more importantly, a caring and kind human. My brother recently had spine surgery and he is recovering remarkably well. Before surgery, Dr. Verma took the time to evaluate options, answer questions and alleviate concerns. He let us know that - due to the severity of my brother's injury - it might become a more complex and risky procedure once they were in the operating room. That's exactly what happened. Dr. Verma took the time during the procedure to let me know what was happening and consulted with our family physician. Because he was honest and transparent before the procedure, we were able to quickly make informed decisions without hesitation. If I (or my children) needed spine surgery, I would be absolutely confident we were in terrific hands with Dr. Verma.
John D.
Submitted 06/12/20
I am making this review for a friend John D. He had severe back pain for approximately 3 months; after trying accupuncture and chiro (some relief but not enough as pain elevated), he was referred by OptumCare, Seal Beach to Dr Verma. He saw Dr Verma and within a week an MRI was scheduled. Shortly after that appointment his surgery for L4/L5 Sciatica was scheduled. Post MRI Johns pain became so horrible (not sleeping, unable to be comfortable in any chair at home or in car and unable to walk due to excruciating pain prior to the scheduled surgery) that Dr Verma pushed up the surgery date. Within hours after the surgery it was evident that he was pain free. He is standing staighter walking with ease. It was an amazing transformation from what he was experiencing. Dr Verma was and is still, in constant imediate contact with him regarding the healing process. As the author and the gf/nurse of the patient who was at times a little cranky.....Highly reccomend. So thankful for the professionalism and care from Dr Verma and his team.
Michael B.
Submitted 05/11/20
I had lower back pain for several months and as it got progressively worse, I ended up in a wheelchair. I got steroid injections from my family doctor and they did little to relieve the pain. Physical therapy increased the pain levels. Finally, my family doctor recommended Dr. Verma and we scheduled surgery for April 02, 2020 during the height of the pandemic. He performed a lumbar decompression and I was out of the wheelchair immediately after surgery. No one got COVID-19 as a result of the surgery at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. If you have back problems, I would recommend a visit to Verma Spine. Very nice people working there, and the doctor is great!!!!!!
Karen C.
Submitted 04/27/20
I first went to my Primary Care Doctor in the middle of July, 2019, because I was having problems moving my neck left, right, up or down – experiencing stiffness and at times it was very painful – and I was also experiencing numbness in both of my hands. My Primary Doctor had me get X RAYS and a MRI. After reviewing my X RAYS and MRI, My Primary Doctor referred me to Dr Verma so I made an appointment with Dr Verma for the end of August. During my first appointment with Dr. Verma, he first asked me a series of questions about my neck pain and my overall health and then had me do a few things to check my motor skills for balance problems and ability to pickup items from the floor. After reviewing my previous X RAYS and MRI and his in house X RAYS, he had me get another MRI prior to my next appointment on October 10th. Prior to my October appointment, he had me keep track of the numbness in my hands by logging -- the day, time and hand (right, left or both) – each time the numbness occurred. On my next follow up appointment on December 4th, Dr. Verma said that since there had not been any improvement (and actually was getting worse) with my neck pain, etc., he recommended surgery to take the pressure off the spinal cord and resolve my neck issues and hopefully the numbness in my hands. At my preop appointment on February 5, 2020, Dr. Verma explained in great detail how he would be doing my upcoming surgery, including the pros and cons (risks), and answered all the questions I (and my husband) had. His thorough explanation of what I should expect during my surgery definitely helped ease any anxiety I was having. Before and after my surgery Dr. Verma told me to call him on his cell phone (both Dr. Verma and Gia Gentile had already given me their cell phone #’s) if I had any questions. The day I was released from the hospital, he called me that evening to make sure I was not having any problems or concerns. During my two postop appointments, February 26th and March 25th, Dr. Verma discussed all the do’s and don’ts that I should follow during each phase of my recovery. The surgery was very successful – neck pain gone and even the numbness in my hands is gone. Job well done and I am definitely glad I had the surgery. I’m on my way to a full and complete recovery. Dr. Verma is an excellent, caring and very dedicated doctor – top-notch, one of a kind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Verma to anyone who has spine and neck issues. My husband and I want to give Dr. Verma and his team a big “THANK YOU!!!” shout out for all they have done during the last several months.
Judy F.
Submitted 03/27/20
I'm a 78 year old female who suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years. I had a 4 vertebrae fusion on my lower spine about 10 year ago to correct scoliosis. The operation corrected my spine but I never got real pain relief and it became progressively worse each year. For the last 2+ years I have been using a walker and I was unable to stand up straight. I tried every possible solution to relieve the pain such as injections, ablations, the insertion of a spinal pain blocking device ,etc. and nothing worked. I have been on opiates for years and as time went by I needed more pills with greater strength. Finally my pain doctor recommended that I consult with Dr. Verma. My husband I consulted with him for 4 months prior to my surgery. He is very warm and professional doctor who spent a lot of time with us explaining the surgical risks, the potential for a difficult recovery and even showing videos of former patients and their experience after surgery. My surgery was very complex and very few surgeons would attempt this operation. This is due to my age plus the length of surgery required to complete a total fusion from my lower back to my high mid-spine. The surgery was 7 hours long and the results were a amazing. I was in ICU for one day and in the hospital for 3 more days and then transferred to a rehab unit at L.B. Memorial west for 13 days. The chronic grinding pain was gone and I really only had surgical pain to deal with. My back was straight and I was able to walk with a walker almost immediately and when I came home I could climb the stairs of my 2 story house with relative ease. It has been one moth since my surgery and I am way ahead of where I thought I would be after such extensive surgery. Dr Verma is gifted surgeon who is driven to take on the challenges of these difficult surgeries because he really wants to help his patients get their lives back. He is also very compassionate and caring person. My husband I are forever grateful because he changed our lives.
Jayne W.
Submitted 02/18/20
I have worked with orthopedic surgeons for years and Dr Verma has gained my trust over the last year and a half. He listens, he is supportive and has a good sense of humor which is required for my care. He has done in-depth diagnostics and to-date non surgical treatment. I am at my lowest pain level with improved mobility. I highly recommend Dr Verma!
Joe A.
Submitted 02/04/20
Dr Verma was a great pleasure to work with. He becomes a part of your team as he guides you through some very complex physical and emotional issues. He is very good at listening, a rare trait given that some physicians are just trying to get the meeting over with so they move on to the next client. He addresses all of your concerns to make sure you are comfortable with each part of the process. My situation started with physical therapy to see if this would help the situation. When it did not, I even venutred out and got a 2nd opinion. It agreed with Dr. Verma's initial accessment. Soon thereafter I scheduled an appointment for surgery. The surgery went great. The pain left and the strength in my arms cam back in the recovery room! If you have any spinal issues, please contact Dr. Verma.
Galina W.
Submitted 02/02/20
Dr. Verma has proven to me how much he really cares about his patients. I am I twenty-year old gymnast who first came to him a couple months back with severe lower back pain. Come to find out, I had two herniated discs in the L5-S1 region. Instead of jumping straight into surgery, Dr. Verma created a step by step plan for me in which I would try non-surgical treatment first, which I appreciated. Once I had tried non-surgical treatment and saw no results, Dr.Verma suggested surgery. Dr. Verma is very compassionate and intuitive with his patients’ feelings. He knew exactly when I was feeling nervous and reassured me that I would be okay, and was always respectful of my decision. He explained why he thought surgery would be best, informed me of what the procedure would entail, and, now that I trusted him and understood the procedure, I knew that surgery was necessary. It’s been about a month since I had surgery, and this whole month Dr. Verma has shown incredible bed-side manners to me and my family. He not only called me at home the day of my surgery to see how I was feeling, but called several more times throughout the month. I am still recovering, but I can happily say that my pain is gone, thanks to him. I am so thankful to have Dr. Verma, who not only puts his patients first, but is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his field. I recommend Dr. Verma, for anyone who is dealing with back pain.
Linda M.
Submitted 02/01/20
Dr Verma listens to me as a patient. He is caring and kind and runs all sorts of tests xrays, mri’s, referred me to pain management and I will follow up with him soon. I would recommend him to anyone with back and neck injuries or any muscular skeleton issues. He has truly been there for me