Surgery Tutorial


Verma Spine: Pre-Op Instructions


Bone Growth Stimulator Instructional Session


Introducing Dr. Verma


Verma Spine: Philosophy Of Surgery


How do patients decide to have surgery?


What is an anterior cervical fusion vs. disc replacement?


What is posterior cervical fusion and why is it done?


What is a laminectomy or laminotomy and when is it done?


What is a microdiscectomy and why is that done?


What is an anterior lumbar fusion? How is it done? Why?


What is a lateral minimally invasive fusion? How is it done? Why?


What is a minimally invasive fusion, when is this done and what are the potential downsides?


When is a posterior lumbar fusion done?


When is complex or scoliosis surgery done?


What are the most common surgical risks and complications of spine surgery?



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